"Where other doctors tried and failed, Dr. Fanous nailed it! He provided me with an accurate diagnosis, excellent service and effective treatment. He is a friendly, professional, and an expert in his field. Dr. Fanous goes way over the top in caring for his patients and I'm privileged to be one of them."
Damika Barrick, age 38

"Dr. Fanous is a great and compassionate doctor. He is an excellent surgeon and I would not hesitate to recommend him to all my friends and family."
Donna Thomas, age 64

"I like Dr. Fanous. He's a good doctor, very punctual and I like that about him... he's always on time. When he did surgery on my foot, I had no trouble after that."
Robert Curry, age 63

"Dr. Fanous is not your run-of-the-mill podiatrist. He is also very skilled surgeon who is caring and compassionate and will do whatever it takes to help you heal.

I am a diabetic. He recently removed and infected bone in my foot. He insisted that I stay in the hospital for several days to recieve (intravenous) antibotics and arranged for visiting nurses to care for me at home while I recuperated. I am now on my way to a full recovery.

His staff is very helpful, efficient, and friendly. I have come to consider Mike Fanous a friend. [And] I will continue to visit his office for regular check ups."
Don Kennedy, age 77

"As a nurse and patient, I am proud to have Dr. Fanous referred to me. He and the staff treated me with the utmost of professionalism, kindness and respect. Dr. Fanous is skilled surgeon and you {readers} would not be disappointed in seeking his expertise. Thank you so very much."
Cassandra Ratherburn, age 36

"Dr. Fanous is a very nice person, he fixed my flat foot. Dr. Fanous rocks!"
Breanna Davis, age 9

"With challenges and discouragement I have felt as an amputee. Dr. Fanous was able to save my other foot from the same fate...Dr. Fanous is definately a saving grace."
Louis Sommer, age 80

"With a profession that puts constant stress on my feet, Dr. Fanous has treated a variety of my foot ailments. He not only corrected my problems, but he had done it with tremendous compassion and care. I would not be standing on my feet if in were not for Dr. Fanous."
Raeanne Phelps, age 55

"Dr. Fanous is compassionate and caring doctor. His reputation is excellent, and I am proud to be his patient."
Tanya Urlas, age 43

"Dr. Fanous is nice... he put some stitches in so I don't walk funny."
Patience Caravella, age 6