A bunion is one of the most common big (great) toe problems. It is a shifting or misalignment of bone in the joint. In addition to causing pain, a bunion changes the shape of the foot causing further problems in adjacent toes. Bunions may be caused by heredity, incorrect mechanics of the foot, and ankle arthritis or injury. Improper shoe gear or poorly fitted shoes may exacerbate a bunion deformity.

To determine the best treatment for your problem, Dr. Fanous will evaluate your condition clinically as well as radiographically (X-Ray).


(Tailor’s Bunion)

A Tailor’s Bunion is a small bunion on the outside of the foot. It is smaller than a Bunion as itss name suggests. Bunionettes are caused by an overgrowth or swelling of the soft tissue covering the joint, or a congenital defect, or even the actual bowing of the 5th metatarsal bone.

X-Rays and a physical exam will determine the best course of treatment.